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Rob Swan's story of Curling Across the Nation has captured the attention and imagination of curlers and media alike, all over the country as well as across international borders.

Rob has proven himself to be a passionate and approachable advocate for the great game of curling. He carries himself with a uniquely maritime character and integrity that has made him friends all over the country and around the globe.

Along with his main mission of curling one game in each and every club right across the Canada, you'll also find Rob at major events such as the upcoming Ottawa Brier.  Just this past season, Rob made a ton of friends at the Calgary Brier and the World Championhips in Halifax. He even threw the first rock at the Hollywood Celebrity Curling Spiel in Los Angeles California this July.

Rob's tireless ambition to support and generate interest for the sport of curling seemingly knows no boundaries.  He's entertaining the possibility of accepting multiple invitations to visit other clubs and events outside of Canada and off

the North American continent.

Rob's Curling Across the Nation may have humbly began as a way to help support his home club in Harvey Station, New Brunswick, but it has taken on a life of it's own and has grown into something even larger.

Initially overwhelmed by the sheer amount of  nationwide media coverage and global exposure, Rob sees and understands the opportunity he has to help develop, build and maintain interest and support for a truly Canadian sport at a grass roots and club level.

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