Just what is this guy doing anyway ? 

Rob Swan, a curler from the little village of Harvey Station New Brunswick, will be attempting to curl in over 100 games in over 100 different curling rinks across Canada during this curling season.

Why would he do such a crazy thing?  Simple. To raise awareness in general about curling being the greatest sport there is... and to raise some much needed renovation funds for the Harvey Curling Club.

Through the efforts of Rob, club members and sponsors, the funds raised will go directly to the much needed repairs and upgrades of the club.

Rob's work in British Columbia has him on the job 3 weeks at a time, and then 2 weeks off. During those 2 weeks off, you're most likely to find Rob curling and making new friends at one club or another somewhere in Canada.

Rob's passion for the sport of curling, and his strong sense of community have come together in what can only be described as one heck of a Canadian curling odyssey.

To contact  Rob, or to support or donate, find out how on our "connect" page...  and don't forget to like him on facebook and follow him on twitter.

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